April is Earth Month

Though we're a small local business, we've been working hard to do our part to be sustainable. This month, we're excited to share many updates our brand is doing to help encourage sustainability living, one small change at a time. So our theme this month is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with Olivia Macaron.

1. Earth Day Giveaway

Olivia Macaron is running a giveaway on social media asking people to share their ideas on how to reuse or recycle our packaging—from the gift box, plastic insert, to the ribbon. We'll be drawing one lucky winner on Earth Day April 22nd and giveaway a Build-Your-Own Gift Box of 20. 

2. New Water From Drink Open Water

Amazon.com: Open Water Sparkling Bottled Water + Electrolytes in 16-oz  Aluminum Bottles (3 Cases, 36 bottles - Sparkling) | BPA-free and Eco  friendly : Grocery & Gourmet Food

Starting this April, our water offered at both locations will no longer come in a plastic bottle. We've partnered up with Open Water to offer our customers a more eco-friendly way to drink water. Open Water bottles are more eco-friendly than plastic, glass, and cartons. The water is ultra-purified, electrolyte-packed canned water in BPA-free aluminum packaging, which allows you to easily reuse the bottle later. Empty aluminum beverage containers are recycled more than twice as often as their plastic, glass, and carton counterparts.

What we love about Open Water is that their products are designed to be easy-to-adopt solutions that help curb plastic pollution and give back to ocean conservation efforts. They donate a portion of every sale to help clean up the damage that’s already been wreaked by plastics. The company is also women & minority owned. To learn more about the benefits of Open Water and how their products are helping our environment, visit their website here.

3. Stores Discount
One common misconception we have about to-go cups is that they are all recyclable. According to The New York Times, most paper cups from cafés, coffee shops, and restaurants are actually not recyclable because of the coating inside them: a fine film of polyethylene, which makes the cups liquid-proof but also difficult and expensive to reprocess. Most waste management facilities will treat the cups as trash.
To encourage our customers to start a small but mighty habit, we are offering 10 cents off our beverages throughout the entire month of April when you bring your own cup.
Bring a clean cup/tumbler and enjoy 10 cents off any beverage from both of our locations!


4. Donating Trees to One Tree Planted

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, we're planting one tree with every Earth Month Boxsold to help reduce our carbon footprint on this planet!

Additionally, we continue to source our almond flour from Treehouse, an almond tree farm in California. Treehouse is a certified Bee-Friendly Farm and a member of the Pollinator Partnership in California. This farm is committed to raising bee-health awareness and protecting our pollinators through sustainable agricultural practices.

5. E-gift Card Option

As a reminder, we offer e-gift cards to help reduce waste from gifting physical gift cards. You can easily purchase the e-gift card online and send it directly to your gift recipient's email address.