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$10 off shipping costs with code SHIPHAPPY


Our Story

Nestled in the historic heart of Georgetown, Washington DC, Olivia Macaron tells a tale that's as rich and vibrant as the delicate French macarons we craft.

Our founder, Ana Claudia Lopez, wasn't always in the business of sweets. In 2008, fresh from earning her master's in Finance at George Washington University, she found herself navigating the stormy seas of the financial crisis at Freddie Mac. Amidst this uncertainty, and fueled by her Torreon, Mexico roots where the entrepreneurial flame always burned brightly, a dream began to take shape.

When a thoughtful gift of authentic French macarons made its way to Ana from her husband, she experienced a revelation. The tantalizing flavors made her realize the absence of such genuine treats in the DC landscape. This epiphany combined with her newborn daughter, Olivia, became the seeds for our patisserie's inception.

Our journey wasn't without its hurdles. Searching for the perfect spot in Georgetown, Ana encountered many closed doors. Yet, her unwavering spirit led her to our first nook in Georgetown Park plaza. As fate would have it, Olivia Macaron's grand opening was not just a business milestone; it also marked the arrival of Ana's second child.

From those early days, braving snow with a stroller in tow, to now having multiple locations and a dedicated kitchen space in Fairfax, our growth has been nothing short of magical. Our signature macarons, which beautifully bridge tradition with modern flair, have found fans in both locals and international visitors.

But what truly sets us apart is the heart and soul we pour into every macaron. We believe our creations are not merely treats, but tiny capsules of joy, love, and celebration. Our deep-rooted commitment to the community and our participation in local events further underscore our mission.

So, whether you're celebrating a special moment, seeking a delightful gift, or just in the mood for a touch of Parisian luxury in DC, we invite you to Olivia Macaron. Come, share our journey, and discover the story behind every flavor.