Making Delicious Memories at School!

It’s that time again -- school’s back in session! 

In Georgetown, that means we’re excited to welcome back our neighborhood students at both Georgetown University and George Washington University. Our Georgetown neighborhood becomes so lively with students’ fresh faces, and we love the positive attitude that they bring to their school-year home.

School Colors French Macarons

But while everyone’s shopping around and crossing things off their school supplies list, we want to remind everyone that school’s about having some (delicious) fun, too! We love seeing groups of students coming into our shops, laughing and talking about classes or homecoming, reminding us that “back to school lists” don’t just mean getting new pens and notebooks -- they also mean making lists of new and memorable experiences: taking an earned break from studying and sharing a delicious coffee with friends or exploring your local scene and learning things about your new home -- or even just finding some things that remind you of home.

That’s true too for students who aren’t DC locals. Not long ago, a Mom came in our store looking for ways to give her daughter something special each month to encourage her to do well. We love the idea of sending care packages -- small reminders of home and those you love. Our team talked with her about her daughter’s tastes and interests, and of course her favorite French macarons. After talking about college and what we’d all like in a special back to school gift, we set her up with a delicious macaron subscription package. Each month of the school year, her daughter will receive a fresh box of French macarons to help all her late night studying.

Whether you or your child is exploring a new world at school, we’re thrilled that you make us a part of that journey, one sweet bite at a time.