$10 off shipping costs on orders over $60 with code SHIPHAPPY

$10 off shipping costs on orders over $60 with code SHIPHAPPY


Celebrating Minority Owned Businesses!

All across our city, our favorite restaurants and neighbor business are talking about and participating in #DayWithoutImmigrants. In a spirit of solidarity and a hope to share our story with our customers, our team is also thinking and speaking about the many immigrants in our business and community – such as Ana Claudia.

Ana Claudia, our founder and owner, was born and raised in Mexico. After she immigrated to the United States, married, and had her daughter Olivia, she began pursuing her dream of opening a small business that would specialize in delicious French macaron cookies. Her experiences as a working mom and immigrant helped her realize her vision of a local macaron shop.



Four years later, the business has expanded into Tysons Corner, VA, and Bethesda, MD, and now ships macarons nationally, fulfilling our hope that we can share our love of French macarons with as many people as possible.

We are a proud minority owned business and support all members of our team – regardless of their background or situation. As a business, we aspire to be a positive force in our local community and in our home city, Washington, DC.