DIY Halloween Treats - Furry Spider Macarons - Olivia Macaron
October 12, 2020

DIY Halloween Treats - Furry Spider Macarons

A perfect do-it-yourself Halloween project to create with your kids and family at home!

Learn how to turn our Chocolate Macarons into these cute Furry Spider Macarons with 5 easy ingredients.

Click each link below to order the ingredients online:

  1. Chocolate Macaron
  2. Melted Dark Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Sprinkles
  4. Candy Eyes
  5. Black Licorice Strings

Feel free to get creative and use any of our macaron flavors for your cute spideys — from Charcoal Lemonade, Salted Caramel, and many more! Make sure to tag @oliviamacaron and #oliviamacaron on social media to share your creations with us!