Flavors to Love This September

Charcoal Lemonade - All natural! Enjoy the lemonade flavor we love with the added detox benefit of Activated Charcoal.

London Fog - A sophisticated macaron infused with Lady Grey tea—a subtle citrus version of Earl Grey tea. This flavor is beyond perfect to enjoy this fall!

Black Sesame - This all natural Japanese-inspired macaron has a wonderfully earthy nuttiness layered over sweet cream. It's the perfect adventurous bite for the start of a new season!

Champagne - For celebrations big and small! White chocolate ganache is mixed with a little bubbly and placed between two sparkling shells.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Last but not least, we bring you every kid's favorite lunch, but for dessert! Grape jelly, creamy peanut butter, and playful purple sprinkles will make anyone smile.

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