Guilt-Free & Gluten-Free!

Gluten Free Macarons Olivia Macaron


November is Gluten-free Diet Awareness Month with the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) advocating for those impacted by celiac disease and honoring retailers and restaurants that support gluten-free living. 

For millions of people who suffer from the inflammation caused by gluten in wheat, barley and rye -- or simply for those who choose to avoid gluten for weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, or other benefits -- it can be tricky navigating food labels or sticking with a gluten-free diet. This is especially true with the holidays right around the corner -- a time toeat, drink and be merry --but for those with celiac or other types of gluten intolerance, parties and get-togethers can be sources of stress. Cookies, cakes and treats galore, all made with traditional flour, and all triggers for bloating, pain, fatigue, or various other ailments associated with gluten sensitivity or intolerance. 

Enter Olivia Macaron where 100% of our macarons are gluten free! Made with almond flour, powdered sugar, egg whites, and sugar as base ingredients, our light, airy cookies offer a punch of flavor without the glue-like quality of wheat. Flavors like Raspberry are filled with jam; Chocolate takes on a rich ganache; and Red Velvetbrims with cream cheese buttercream. And because our commercial kitchen is solely dedicated to baking French macarons, cross-contamination is never a concern. Our macs are baked, assembled, stored, and shipped in our very own kitchen where quality control is our #1 priority. 

So, gear up for the holidays, and look forward to that festive celebration! Instead of heavy cookies, cakes and casseroles, our macarons are the perfect hostess gift, party favor, or centerpiece -- always gluten-free and always delicious.