Macarons Made with Love for Valentine's Day

Can you believe it’s already almost February? In January, we've been super busy in the kitchen, but now we want to take a moment to think about the pefect gifts for our loves this Valentine’s Day. Washington, DC has a lot of great Valentine’s Day gift options, but we want to give the best. When it comes to friends and family, we love to gift something that we’re really passionate about -- delicious French macarons.

Making macarons gifts is something our team has been doing since even before they were team members. One of our team members told us that, before he joined our Georgetown team, he remembers buying a special Valentine’s Day gift box for his girlfriend. He wanted her to have an extra special Valentine’s Day, and he decided that this would be how he would start it. At our Georgetown store, he crafted his macaron gift box with the help of our team. He nervously gave her her first Valentine’s Day gift -- the macarons and a bouquet of flowers -- and she loved them! His favorite memory is still how brightly she smiled when they shared their favorite treat together.

Sharing French macarons is even what gave Ana Claudia the spark to start our first shop. The first time she enjoyed a French macaron in Paris, she knew she was trying something that she wanted to share. Years later, and after the arrival of her daughter, she decided it was time. Olivia Macaron opened to help people create moments around something delicious: mom and dad sneaking a delicious night away, or two lovebirds anxious on a first date. No matter who or when, our hope is that our macarons help you create beloved memories, like they did for our team member a few years ago.

Each macaron is lovingly crafted with you and your friends and family. Visit our shops or order a few, and share a delicious bite with someone you love.