Magical Back to School Macarons are Here!


“I solemnly swear…we are up to nothing BUT good!

Inspired by everyone’s favorite wizard, Olivia Macron introduces a limited-edition Back to School Fantasy Boxincluding four very wicked flavors. No matter which House the Sorting Hat might assign you, you’ll find your way home with these otherworldly treats. 

Butterbeer – Tri-colored magical concoction that combines a smooth, creamy butterscotch caramel sandwiched between fluffy meringue cookies.

Golden Caramel Snitch – Salty-sweet caramel fills two slightly nutty shells sprinkled with gold shimmery potion dust.

Chocolate Frog – Two wizarding sweet green wafers magically glued together with 58% dark chocolate ganache.

Sorting Mac – The Sorcerer's Surprise! Bite into the chocolate shell to reveal vanilla filling spiked with red, green, blue or yellow. Which house is yours??

In honor of those enchanting books and movies that have been captivating us for years, we invite you to stop by one of our locations to try our individually sold flavors (Butterbeer and Sorting Mac) – or preorder a limited-edition Gift Box of 9 ($29) or 20 ($59) for local or national delivery or pick up at one of our kiosks. While we can’t send them Owl Post Express, we still promise they will arrive freshly packed in 1 or 2 days!

Come taste the magic!