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$10 off shipping costs on orders over $60 with code SHIPHAPPY


March is for Macaron Madness

March just got better because we are brining you Macaron Madness! Yes, the rules are just like March Madness except you're rooting for your favorite Olivia Macaron signature flavors to win!

For every flavor you vote, you'll automatically be entered into our drawing. One lucky winner whose flavor makes it to the championship round will receive a box of 20 macarons of the winning flavor they vote for!

How to participate:

1. Follow us on Instagram and turn on the posts and stories notifications so you never miss a chance to vote!

2. Sign up for our e-newsletter at the bottom of our homepage here to get your name and email registered—doubling the chance to win!

3. VOTE! We count every vote — the more you vote for every 'match', the more your name is entered into our drawing!

4. One lucky winner will be selected from the drawing to receive a box of 20 macs! You must be able to pick up your reward at our store in Georgetown.

Go ahead and save our official bracket photo below to your phone so you never miss an opportunity to tune in to vote!