Olivia Macaron Featured in 50 Best Macaron Flavors Ranked by Mashed

Out of the 50 best flavors ranked, we're honored to see 3 of our flavors reviewed and featured on Mashed.com. From intriguingly unique flavors like Bacon Maple Syrup and Caviar to standard staples like Chocolate and Pistachio, we are excited to see our signature and seasonal flavors included in the ranking!

From our Signature Collection:

Our Wedding Almond offers delicate mint-blue shells filled with French almond paste, reminiscent of a smooth marzipan confection.


From our Seasonal Collection:

PB & J - Every kid's favorite lunch, but for dessert! Grape jelly, creamy peanut butter, and playful purple sprinkles will make anyone smile.


Lemon Meringue - A bright burst of a summer treat in spring. Our lemon meringue macaron is filled with lemon cream and a dollop of fresh meringue.

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