Olivia Macaron on Foodie And The Beast Podcast

Ana Claudia Lopez, the innovator and business entrepreneur behind it all arrived at Foodie And The Beast studio with star of the show macarons and shared the beautiful and inspiring story behind this small woman-owned business.

Hosted by David Nellis, Foodie And The Beast airs globally on FullServiceRadio.org, a live podcast network headquartered in a radio studio in the lobby of DC’s ultra-stylish, Line Hote. The podcast features a weekly deep dive with prominent guests from near and far into a range of subjects impacting the worlds of food, wines, spirits and brews, from start-up entrepreneurship to restaurant industry breakthroughs.

David had a blast learning about our creative flavors and the newest 100% vegan flavors: Chocolate Cherry Truffle, Raspberry, Mango Passionfruit, and Chocolate Coconut. And better yet, Ana Claudia surprised them live on air with a special gift from our business: Champagne macarons custom printed with Foodie And The Beast logo. Other guest speakers on the show also got to sample our seasonal flavors like Strawberry and Champagne.

Last but not least, we are so happy to hear that our sample seasonal flavor Lychee Rose with Raspberry filling really wowed them! "So light and so perfectly balanced" said Nellis. His reaction on the podcast explains it all! Tune in here and listen (starting at 36:04).