Back to School Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Olivia Macaron is excited to host the Back to Wizarding School Virtual Scavenger Hunt for young wizards prepping to go back to School this September!

As we gather our school uniform, supplies, and favorite food from home, we invite you to join us from the comfort of your home this Sunday, September 6 at 1PM for a chance to win Olivia Macaron fantasy prizes.

TWO winners will receive our secret fantasy gift — the winners be selected by:

1. The fastest time to complete the Virtual Scavenger Hunt or

2. The most creative wizard with highest extra points awarded.

wizard box

Here are the 3 things you'll need for Sunday:

1. Olivia Macaron Sorting Mac for Sunday (make sure to SAVE ONE for Sunday!!)

2. Your smartphone & social media (Instagram or Facebook works!) Each clue will be sent to your inbox on your social media—make sure you're following @oliviamacaron on IG/FB.

3. Just you or any wizard at home (all Muggles are welcome).

Ready to cast your spell to win our fantasy prize? Pick up or get your Back to Wizarding School Box here