Take a Tour to Different Cities with These Seasonal Macarons

Our four new flavors are here for the summer! In order to make your experience indulging each flavor the most joyful and memorable, we invite you to explore different cities and countries that inspired us to bring these flavors to life—and in the fun form of French Macarons!

1. Chocolate Pretzel

There's something about pizzas and pretzels that give us that nostalgic memories of New York City. Pretzels can be found anywhere around the city and are one of the well-known symbols of New York City. Another timeless American classic, our Chocolate Pretzel macaron brings an irresistible salty-sweet combination that does a happy dance across your taste buds. 

2. London Fog

Join us on the streets of London for this sophisticated macaron infused with Lady Grey tea—a subtle citrus version of Earl Grey tea. Lady Grey tea is a modern invention of black tea with a similar infusion of bergamot essential oil. The Earl Grey blend, or "Earl Grey's Mixture", is assumed to be named after a British Prime Minister in the 1830s. A "Grey's Tea" is known from the 1850s, while the "Earl Grey" tea was first advertised on the streets of London in the 1880s.

3. Churros

Crispy on the outside and soft filling in the inside with Dulce de leche in the center for the perfect Churro taste. Though the origin of churros is unclear... some people believe that churros were brought to Spain from China by the Portuguese. No matter the history, it is quite likely that Churro had an autonomous origin in Spain and like much of Spanish cuisine, churros come with regional characteristics and variations. Though, we have to say that the best variation of Churro is in the form of (Olivia) Macaron ;)

4. Lemon Meringue


Our lemon meringue macaron is filled with lemon cream and a dollop of fresh meringue. Similar to Churro, lemon meringue pie also has an unclear history. Many believe that it was created in Philadelphia in the 1800s by a pastry chef named Elizabeth Coane Goodfellow. Fruit desserts covered with baked meringue were actually originated in the 18th century in France. And for the love of French Macarons, we couldn't resist in bringing this popular French-inspired Lemon Meringue recipe to create our special seasonal macaron.


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