Sharing Our Passion for Macarons

Our customers always tell our team that, if they were in our shoes, they’d eat all the macarons before they could deliver them to customers. We can relate! Every day, our teams style our displays with fresh French macarons and can’t help but look for the ones that, later, they might take home. But this passion doesn’t continue just because French macarons are delicious. It’s because we foster that passion with new, playful ideas about what exactly could go into a French macaron: its color, its flavor, and how it’s served.

Crafting New Macaron Flavors

We always keep our menu filled with twelve of our favorite and bestselling macaron flavors. They include Salted Caramel, Pistachio, Chocolate, and Blueberry Cheesecake – macarons that are fun and will please every member of your family. But we also LOVE to switch things up and get messy in the kitchen!               

This year we’re already planning to introduce some delicious new confections that we were inspired to make from customer suggestions. Our pastry chef Carli has been playing around with things like dark chocolate mint and chocolate covered potato chips, trying to see how creative we can be with our delicious French cookies. Stay updated to see when these new confections will join our menu!

Exciting Olivia Macaron Events

Right now we’re busy planning some fun soirees at our Georgetown, DC, shop to celebrate the upcoming holidays.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re going to put together a special romantic evening, with the centerpiece being a sweetheart’s box of macarons. French macarons are very romantic – remember when Chuck went to Paris just to get Blair’s favorite macarons? – and we want to celebrate that during February.

And we’re also excited about National Macaron Day! This year, National Macaron Day is in March, and we’re starting to think about fun ways to celebrate. In years past, we’ve had macaron BOGOs and other fun deals to give you all more macs for your money, but this year, we want our celebration to be the biggest yet! Macaron happy hour, a special, secret flavor…there are a lot of possibilities. If you have any ideas or want to let us know how you’re going to celebrate National Macaron Day, let us know! We’d love to include some fan ideas into the mix.