Start Your Spring Fever with New Seasonal Macarons!

Another month, another batch of delicious seasonal macaron flavors! And this March, we’re going to debut some creative concoctions our chef Carli has been playing with. Without further ado, here are our newest seasonal macarons flavors!

Chocolate Mint Macaron
These bright green confections, finished beautifully with a chocolate drizzle, are so satisfying, that when our team tested them, they ate them all! Each bite of our new chocolate mint macarons is packed with fresh minty flavor and rich chocolate ganache. Who needs Thin Mints when you can have these!

Cherry Blossom Macaron
If you’ve visited Washington, DC in March, then you know how excited everyone gets about the National Cherry Blossom Festival! This year we’re serving up our delicious cherry blossom macaron, filled with fruity flavors and a hint of a floral finish. We’re always inspired by the beautiful things happening in our city, and the cherry blossoms are no different! Our cherry blossom macaron matches the young blossoms themselves, and they go great with any fun pastel pink themed parties you may be throwing for this special occasion.

Galaxy Cassis Macaron
These tie-dye wonders are back! With their beautiful, multi-colored shell, featuring a bit of edible shimmer, these macarons are really out of this world. They’re filled with a white chocolate ganache that’s bursting with cassis flavor. For those who don’t know, cassis is a black current berry -- it tastes like a delicious cross between a blueberry and raspberry. This galaxy cassis macaron is our American take on a classic French flavor.

Lemon Meringue Macaron
As we get ready for warmer weather in DC, we’re breaking out one of our spring and summer favorites: a delicious mix of tart lemon custard and light and fluffy meringue.