Treat Yourself 2018: How We're Having Fun This Month

Welcome to 2018! Have you made any New Year Resolutions? We love ours so much that we want to share it with you: Treat ourselves more! 2017 was busy – welcoming a new head pastry chef, supporting special causes, and celebrating the ones we love – and we’re very thankful for everything. But this year, we want to be sure to make special occasions for ourselves and celebrate as much as we can -- because we all (and you) deserve it. And we start now! Check out what we’re up to this month to start treating ourselves.


Exploring our Community

This week in Georgetown, our team is going to catch the final week of Georgetown’s special GLOW exhibit. Georgetown GLOW is a special light show that takes place all around our neighborhood. It started in December, but we were focused on helping make all your holidays extra special. So, this week, we’re going to support our neighborhood and enjoy the artists’ beautiful work -- while enjoying cups of delicious Intelligentsia coffee, of course!


Cats & Coffee (& Macarons), Please!

One of our favorite things about working in DC’s Georgetown neighborhood is getting to be partners with the local cat cafe, Crumbs and Whiskers! Every day we supply the delicious coffee drinks and macarons for Crumbs and Whiskers’ customers so that they get to play with cute cats while enjoying a sweet treat.

This month, though, we’re going to get in on the fun! Crumbs & Whiskers has a bunch of cute cats waiting to become our furry friends, and new friends are great, right?! The people of DC certainly think so: Crumbs & Whiskers have been super successful in finding felines their forever homes -- including the homes of some of our team members.

So, when we’re super chilly after exploring Georgetown GLOW, we’ll be perfectly ready to cuddle some four-legged fur balls and snack on a macaron (or seven...).


Playtime in the Kitchen

Treating ourselves doesn’t just mean having fun in DC -- it also means that we treat ourselves in the office and kitchen. We plan on having fun by crafting exciting new flavors that we love so much, we end up wanting to share them with you. Our teams at each location and in the kitchen keep coming up with the coolest new French macaron flavors – it’s great inspiration and gets our heads whirling with the possibilities.   

Mexican Chocolate French Macaron

In next week’s blog post, we’ll start telling you about all the exciting macaron ideas we have in store for 2018: new macaron flavors, new special gift boxes, new pop-up events, all so you can get in on the fun and treat yourself, too!