Who Wants Unicorn Macarons? (We Do!)

At Olivia Macaron, we work with the motto that it’s “Fun to play with food” – especially if that food is delicious puffs of gluten-free meringue and cream! We love playing in the kitchen and dreaming up new and exciting flavors to fill our French macarons. Sometimes, we even surprise ourselves with the delicious results.

Our extraordinary Pastry Chef, Carli, surprised us just today by whipping up adorable unicorn macarons. They’re hand-piped and -decorated puffs of perfection that are ALMOST too cute to eat!

Carli based her magical macarons on our Fruity Pebbles macaron, incorporating its bright colors into her whimsical decorations. It was definitely the best choice – we already loved the rainbow macaron, and now it’s even more special. We could easily see it at a fun birthday party -- or just for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up!

Even though we’ve just seen these adorable unicorn macarons, we can’t wait to see what other wonderful ideas Carli has in store. (Maybe more fun animal shaped macarons?)

Carli and our team are still busy perfecting these little creations, so follow usto know when they’ll be available in our shops!