Who Is Olivia?

Olivia Macaron began with a sweet, serendipitous meeting between founders Ana Claudia and Michel. They met soon after Olivia, Ana Claudia’s daughter and the shop’s namesake, was born, and they discovered that they shared a passion for delicate and delicious French macarons – an elegant combination of meringue and ganache. With Ana Claudia’s business savvy and Michel’s culinary expertise, they realized that they could bring the best macarons to the people of DC – and now, the world!

Ana Claudia Lopez

Ana Claudia is our co-founder and business lead. Ana Claudia worked in finance for a mortgage conglomerate and uses the things she learned to lead our front of house to sweet success.

Michel Gaion

Michel is our co-founder and stellar pastry chef. He worked in one of France's most prestigious macaron houses for over 10 years, where he perfected the art of creating a delicious and beautiful macaron.

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