Same Quality, Same Recipe with a New Change This 2021


To our Dear Customers, 


Like thousands of locally owned small businesses around the country, we have been put in the position to re-evaluate many aspects of our business due to the impact of COVID-19. 

In an effort to cut down operational costs, we have decided not to renew our Kosher Certification for 2021. So, as of January 1st 2021, Olivia Macaron will no longer be Kosher Certified. This was an exceedingly difficult decision for us and although we highly value the Kosher Certification and the assurance it provides our customers, we have decided to postpone the renewal until further notice. 


So, what does this mean? 

This change will not affect the quality or taste of our macarons. All the ingredients, procedures and recipes used in our macarons and drinks will remain the same even after December 31st. We assure you that the only change you will ever notice is the Kosher-certified symbol that will no longer be on our packaging; while the recipe, every single ingredient, taste, and quality of all of our macarons will still remain the same!  

For those who would like to give gift boxes that come with the Kosher-certified stamp/sticker, you can still place an order by December 28th for nationwide shipping and until December 31st for store pick up and local delivery. If you were hoping to enjoy your macarons at a later date, you can freeze our macarons from the gift boxes that have the certification on. For care and how to properly store the macarons, please visit our blog post here.

We would like to thank our Rabbinic coordinator and all the staff at Star-K for their wonderful guidance, support, and cooperation all this time. We hope to work with you again soon so we will not say goodbye butL’hitraot.